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Custom 3D prints

STL files of requested 3D prints

Mouse cage barrier - Requested by Dr Kristina Smiley 

Simple barrier made to fit the Techniplast Green Line Mouse IVC cages. Can also be adapted for FED3. 


Mouse brain matrix - Requested by Dr Yugo Watanabe

Original design by Lex Kravitz. It has been modified slightly to omit travel movements between the gaps for FDM printing. Current design has 0.5mm gaps every 0.6mm.


Dummy pup - Requested by Dr Rosie Brown

Modelled from open source microCT scan of E18 pup at Inspired by similar models made by Dulac lab. Print at orientation provided with raft for bed adhesion. No supports needed. Scale down to desired size. We printed at 18mm height (usb for scale).


Other useful lab 3D prints 

Anti-fog mask clips - Requested by Ms Pene Knowles

We provided hundreds of anti-fog mask clips between 2020-2022 for members of the Centre for Neuroendocrinology and their family and friends. We supplied the mask clips at no charge and delivered them regularly to the CNE tea room where they were free to take. Added a CNE logo to the original design by lecutterjaune (Thingiverse) and also made a kids size. 

Canister for 50mL Falcon tubes - Requested by Dr Chris Coyle.

Printed exactly as provided by @NJ_McKenzie (Twitter). 

See the thingiverse link.

Noseclipv3x10 (1).png
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